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Holodrone v1

Holodrone v1


Our Holodrone is the latest innovation in aerial advertisement, opening customers to the possibility of projecting holograms in the sky to captivate an audience. The hologram is fully customizable and can be edited to suit your needs. This includes company logos, animation, text advertisements, 3D images/videos and much more.

Our first production model will feature a quadcopter configuration with premium components and materials to ensure safe and reliable operation and advanced lithium ion batteries to offer a flight time of up to an hour. Our modular payload system means that you are able to upgrade the hologram projector with new models as they are developed to get more value for money.


Pre-Order Units available for enterprises, developers & creatives 


New drones available in August
  • Tech Spec

    • 4kg weight
    • 20000 mAH Li-ion hot-swap battery
    • Precise GPS positioning
    • Customisable Hologram
    • Easy Deployment
    • Retractable Landing gear
    • Intuitive ground control system
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